Moving out 1 year on + Mini home tour (kinda...)

I had just realised on the 23rd that it had been an whole 365 days since I left my family home and moved out into my own house with Simon.  It's hard to believe its been that long and we have done quite a lot to the house in that period which I thought I would give an update on for anyone like myself who is really into their home decor.  I also wanted to scatter through some of my tips or advice or even just some things I have come to learn or realise about moving out... spoiler alert: lots of bickering!

 We moved into our home back in Feb 2017 after spending so long looking at houses online or driving around at the weekends looking like absolute creeps in Simons work van checking out some in real life that we had seen online and scoping out the area.  We knew we didn't want to move too far from our family homes and we are both close with our parents, and we wanted a good side garden, and somewhere lit up at night so we could walk our baby Pip.  The inside of the house for me was not less important as such,but I was prepared to buy something that needed work done if it meant we could have more outside space, and it lowered the price.  Our house is half brick and have georgian eske style and that drew me in instantly as it added so much more character.

When we first moved in the night before we literally had a bed as our only furniture and I remember it being literally the most exciting day of my life!  I just couldn't stop walking into every room and seeing all this space that was mine, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I still lie in bed or look around in disbelief that I own it all.

We still have so many little projects I can't wait to get started and it's all still so early days yet but here are some of my tips and advice (if you can call them that) so far.

Firstly, you will NEVER be prepared for all the adult stuff you have zero clue about, so don't panic.  I mean school why didn't you teach me anything of value in the real life world, cause I'm using pythagoras theorem every damn day? I never realised how complicated and long of a process getting a mortgage was, and being someone who once they have their heart set on something I must have it immediately it was really testing having to wait 5months for everything to fully be accepted and go through the motions.  We were delayed extra by the previous owners as they wanted to drag the process out in order to suit them moving into their new home, I'm not holding any grudges on this still...swear!

Secondly, there is just so much that needs done.  I mean unless you move into a newly built house and it's turn key and all new and pretty you are going to have some degree of work that will need done. So if your budget doesn't allow for something brand new, have a look at some properties that could do with a little love.  Don't be put off by bright fuscia coloured walls (yes we had those) and remember a lick of paint can go a long way.  For us we weren't too bad in that it was liveable but just not my taste at all, so we were able to chip away and get things done room by room as and when our budget allowed.  Saving is key not only to initially buying the house, but you will have so many ideas and plans that you will want to do and its accepting that not everything can be done within the time frame you would like.  Speaking of time, you'll have zero.  Maybe thats a little melodramatic, but I really feel like since moving out I have no time to do anything.  I guess probably because I was spoilt by my mum having dinner laid out for me getting home from work and the rest of the night being my own and now it's more spend an hour cooking dinner, then cleaning it all up, maybe throwing on a wash or walking the dog to later slump down into bed with the idea of catching up on a series on Netflix or reading a book but instead I hit the pillow and I'm out before the Peaky Blinders opening tune is even done.  #adultlyf

Lastly, it's testing on your relationship.  It's fun don't get me wrong and something I have dreamt of and planned in my head for a very long time, but it's hard work.  You only really know your partner for the little time you've spent with them out of your week before chilling out on your own and you'll likely have a steep learning curve when you first move in until you sort out who wears the trousers (me, although he'd say him) and sorting out chores, bills and all that fun stuff.  Naturally the more time you spend with someone they are going to get you on a bad day or you'll discover their annoying habits.  I recommend still having time to yourself for sure whether its heading to bed a bit earlier, having a hobbie or having a dip in the bath.  Everybody needs their personal space.  In a bid to not make this sound like I hate my boyfriend, there is some pretty cool sides to living together, unlimited any time cuddles being my fave.

There is obviously heaps of good and not so good factors to moving out but these are the 3 that if anyone was to ask me how it was, these would come to mind first.  Having my little pup Pippa live with me is such an exciting experience for me and you can see her chilling out on the back of the sofa where the sun always seems to trap.  I also just adore cooking, and following a more restrictive diet like my own (vegan + gluten free) it makes things so much easier having the house full of nice food I can enjoy,  I also love decorating and there was only so many ways I could re-jig my bedroom at home and I genuinely feel like a kid in a playground having such a huge canvas to get creative with, the garden being the next project!

Additional Tips:
  • Open a help to buy ISA
  • Create a Pinterest board to find your style..
  • Don't forget about second hand, upcycling is the way to go. 
  • Check out loads of houses until you fall in love.
  • Barter the price down, if you don't ask you don't get.
  • Save, save, save some more, you'll always have some charge you never anticipated.
  • Enjoy it!!!!

I am so excited to look back on these photos and words in years to come.