Faith in Nature: Review

After receiving a voucher for Christmas to spend in TKMaxx I found myself a couple months back standing at the shampoo aisle ready to treat myself.  Shampoo was never something I have splurged much money on and often just bought the Superdrug own brand £1 bottles, but my hair had recently become much greasier and flat as a pancake so I thought I would try something new.

I had previously used the coconut Faith in Nature shampoo after receiving it in The Vegan Kind subscription box a long time ago and had never seen it available to buy anywhere locally.  Armed with my voucher I was most definitely going to pay that little bit extra for the huge pump bottles that are still standing strong after almost 3 months.  Baring in mind that I wash my hair every other day that's pretty good going for £5.99 per bottle.

For a bit of background on my hair type, I have pretty dry coarse hair that frizzes up like Monica from friends and that very well known episode when they go on holidays.  Any ounce of humidity or rain and the frizz begins, so I often look for something that will add a bit of moisture back in and tame the beast!

Although this range is aimed at dry hair I actually found the shampoo to be very striping and wasn't a huge fan compared to their coconut version.  It left me with that squeaky clean feeling so bare this in mind if that isn't something you like.  It also isn't the type of shampoo that lathers easily which I guess is probably down to it using more natural ingredients, but once a little water was added it foamed up quite nicely.

The conditioner came to the rescue however and added the moisture the shampoo took away back into my hair and it was light enough to apply to the ends and all over.  I tend to leave this on whilst washing and shaving to allow it to really soak into the hair and once rinsed my hair was incredibly soft.  

Afterwards brushing through my hair was eaaaaaaasy which is a big deal considering my hair is usually a ball of tat after washing and the smell was divine and really hung around for a few days after washing.

Overall I really enjoyed this product, I especially loved the conditioner and am eager to try out a few more scents from the brand.  It's great value for money, I love the addition of the pump for ease of use when your hands are wet & the icing on the cake - it's completely Vegan & Cruelty free!

Have you ever tried any products from Faith in Nature?