#VEGANUARY: Weekly food shop

Every Friday I sit down and plan what meals I would like to make for the upcoming week.  It gives me a good idea on what all I need to buy, stops me overbuying or buying random items that meals can't be made from and keeps everything on budget with minimal waste.  I can do a blog post on this for anyone who is interested in how I find recipes and plan my shopping list.

I love reading or watching videos on what other vegans eat as it can give you a really good insight into what foods you could pick up yourself or if your considering going vegan what kind of foods you can expect to eat.  We don't all eat salad! (I do love it though)

Simon my Boyfriend isn't vegan so this isn't our true weekly shop as it usually contains some dairy or meat products for him.  However he does eat at least 2 vegan dinners a week so bare in mind what I have bought it mostly for one person, with sides and some staple veg shared.  Also take note that this is not everything I will use to cook the weekly meals as I do keep basic ingredients such as rice, pasta etc. in stock.

Okay, so starting left to right we have my veggies and fruit.  On average I would say I spend about £15 of the budget on fresh fruit and veg.  It's what I think makes an average meal a little bit more exciting and we should really practise having at least half our plates made up of plants.  So I picked up some of my usual veggies;

Bananas, oranges, avocados, broccoli, turnip, parnsips, limes, pepper, sugarsnap peas, mixed leaf, potatoes, scallions, tomatoes & frozen stir fry mix.

Bananas and oranges we both take to work each day as part of our lunch or as a quick snack if I am going to the gym first thing and haven't yet built up a proper appetite.  Avocado I only tend to eat during the weekends because, who has the time for fancy brekkies during the week and broccoli I eat at least once a week with absolutely everything.  The turnip and parnsips are for a soup I plan on making for lunches however I adore roasted parsnips and will happily munch on those over chips anyday.  The Lime isn't something I often buy I have to admit, I am making a satay dish which calls for this but I'm planning on using the rest up in some water.

Bang in the middle is my holy grail easy lunch saviour - microwavable rice.  I always have these floating about for those nights I'm not getting in until later and have zero interest in standing over a cooker to make my lunch.  I'll usually fire these together with a salad or stirfry for a really quick lunch.

Green Tea, Crisps, Almond Milk, Yoghurts, Milkshakes, Tofu, Rapeseed oil, tomato puree, Peanut butter, stock cubes, Baked beans, waterchestnuts, Sweetcorn, Wholegrain wraps, bread, Nakd bars, Energy ball and Veggie burgers.

Crisps, because this is real life people and I can't go a day without my daily intake of the crunchy goodness.  Almond milk for my tea and protein shakes and because they were on offer for £1.  Tofu I don't usually buy but I am giving it a whirl this week for something a bit different.  Tomato puree is something I stock up on reguarly, I don't even have anything planned for it but can't bare to be out of the stuff for quick and easy pasta dishes.  The veggie burgers above are so nice and onlu £1.50! and the Deliciously Ella balls I have never tried and thought I would when they were reduced in price a little.  Plus Nakd bars only include 4 in a box, with 5 days of the working week I'm sure that's a ploy to make me buy another box...

So you might be looking at that all and thinking what the hell are you going to make with all of that?

So like I said earlier my shopping list gets written up based on what I am looking to eat that week, taking into consideration what I already have in the kitchen.  This week I plan on making;

  1. Tofu Satay rice bowl - The Tofoo obviously will feature in this alongside some rice I already have, the peanut butter, pepper, sugarsnaps, broccoli and water chesnuts (for me, Simon loathes them). If all goes to plan I'll pop up the recipe. *fingers crossed*
  2. Lentil Shepherds pie - I already have some lentils and a seasoning in the kitchen so I only really needed some potatoes to top.  I'll likely mash in some parsnips with the topping, add some peas and carrots.
  3. Veggie Burger wraps - 5 points for Gryffindor if you can guess two of the above ingredients, yaaa wraps and veggie burgers alongside the salad veg.  I have some sweet potatoes I am going to cube and roast with some of the rapeseed oil and garlic spices and add to the side.  
  4. Potato Dinner - We often tend to throw a dinner similiar to this on the menu for a quick easy dinner and something that Simon can easily handle himself.  It usually consists of champ, a veggie burger or Linda Mc sausages for me and some kind of veggies usually broccoli and peas.
For lunches Simon tends to just make sandwiches as he only gets a short break.  As I mentioned earlier I swear by micro rices and will have those with the stirfry veg for a quick and easy lunch.  I also stumbled across a recipe for a scottish soup which I am going to whizz up on Sunday night for Mondays lunches which is where the turnip, potatoes and carrots come in handy alongside the stockcubes.  The left over wraps I tend to fill with chickpea salads and bring to work.

My breakfasts are never anything interesting during the week, they tend to honestly be two lumps of toast in the car with a cup of tea before I run out the door, I'm never on time and tell myself tomorrow will be the morning I wake up and have a proper breakfast.  The weekends I am much better with and will at least throw together some beans on toast with mushrooms or my favourite avo on toast.

What does your weekly shop usually look like?

All above products are Vegan and Gluten Free.

*tip: Friday nights in Tesco are empty people, do your shopping then*