The 2017 Playlist

2017 has been a year filled to the brim with new TV shows, podcasts and even some new music.  Can I just point out that the latter is a big bloody deal because up until this year I was very much still listening and rocking out to might I add, to literally the same stuff I've listened to since the early 2000's.  I'm talking Greenday, Linkin Park & RHCP, so the fact I have branched out even slightly is so unheard of, anyway... here is my playlist from the year.

Music I have been playing on repeat...

Paramore - After Laughter - okay I said I have branched out slightly people.  But in my defense the bands I have listened to for years have branched out themselves.  So that still counts, yah? Since Paramore dropped this absolutely bomb of an album earlier in the year I quite honestly have had it playing at least once a day.  It's my anthem I listen to on the way to work, when I am cooking, in the shower, your getting the point.  If I had to choose a few gold tunes from the album that I especially love it would be, 'Fake Happy' & 'Tell me how'.  There is such an 80's vibe about this album that I never in a million years thought I'd be a fan of willingly.  I had many years of Duran Duran and Boy George growing up people... thanks mum.

Linkin Park - One More Light - Forever my favorite band for as long as I can remember, I own all their albums, many t-shirts and even have their lyrics tattooed on my body.  I am a BIG LP fan.  It's a blog post in itself, and this album is so bitter sweet for me.  I love listening to this in the car especially and belt out all of the tunes until I genuinely do loose my voice.  I feel like it's such an important album everyone should listen to at least one, even if your not a typical LP fan because this isn't 'typical' LP music.  My top picks:   'Talking to Myself' & 'One More Light'.

Twenty One Pilots - Blurry Face - Like everybody and their gran I think I first came across TOP when they released Stressed Out.  Simon was then completely hooked and bought their album and had it on repeat any time he drove us anywhere and so naturally I ended up learning every single word to each song on the album.  I'm hoping they come on a UK tour soon so I get a chance to see them live.  My most listened to tracks: 'Not Today' & 'HeavyDirtySoul'.

Podcasts keeping me company on car journeys...

The Heart of it - I am a huge fan of Estee Lalonde.  I feel like if she released a series of toilet brushes I would be all over that per-order.  I watch her Youtube videos religiously, bought her book Bloom and love having her latest en-devour as my company on the way to and fro work, or any journey really.   Estee covers so many topics from feminism, tattoos to relationships and there really is something everyone will be interested in, plus Estee is an absolute babe.

At Home with - Kinda on the same stroke as Estee is Lily Pebbles and Anna Newtons podcast.  If your living on Mars and don't know who they are they are Beauty & Lifestyle Youtubers who I have been watching for absolute years.  They released a podcast earlier this year and interviewed some of my favorite women and had a tour around their beautiful homes.  You can expect guests such as Lisa Eldridge, Kate Johnson, Liz Earle & Madeline Shaw.  I recommend download the 'A Cast' app to listen and watch this on to get the full vision of the home interiors that go along side the podcast.

TV box sets I been binging on...

Better Call Saul - I am thee number one fan of Breaking Bad.  If you were to ask me what my most loved TV series of all time was it would easily roll off my tongue every time.  So naturally when the spin off show started a couple years ago I was gonna be all over that like a rash.  Season 3 came out earlier this year and did not disappoint.  If you weren't a fan of BB for some unknown reason I will never understand lol, don't rule this one out.  It couldn't be any further from BB with a more light hearted story line, still packing a punch but with a lot of sarcasm and humour spilled through.  It's definitely not as dark as Breaking Bad but it's a great fix for any super fans like myself who still want to see some of their beloved characters.

Sons of Anarchy - Never in my life have I had a crush on a character as bad as I do for Charlie Hunnam or Jackson (Jax) Teller as he is known in SOA.  It's not a new series by any means but its one I only delved into earlier this year and absolutely adored, mostly because of the beautiful creature that is Jax and he's habit of walking around topless - I am only human people.  If you don't know it's a tv series following a biker club in America called the Sons of Anarchy funnily enough (I am so great at describing) and some of the trouble they often find themselves in the middle of.  One of the series features the characters in Ireland which has some hilariously funny and awful accents.  It's not one for the faint hearted and can be quite gruesome in some scenes but you'll fall in love with a handful of the characters and kill to find out what happens them.

Stranger Things - The most popular TV show of the moment and for a very good reason.  If you'd of told me I was going to be dying to get into bed each night to watch the next ep of a sci-fi TV show I would have laughed at you.  It's not typically something I would like on paper, and even Simon was surprised.  I reckon he thought this meant I was going to love Star Wars now, sorry but nope!  It is so addictive and I wish I was a member of the 'party' myself.  The story follows a group of high school friends who live in a small town called Hawkins in which some pretty messed up super natural sh*t happens.  The relationship developments within the group is so bloody good and 'Elle' is legit one of the most badass young teen girls I've even seen, I just wanna be her already!  It'll be one to make you jump but not be able to stop watching at the same time & you'll most certainly be hanging off the edge of your seat.  I don't recommend watching this in the small hours on your own with head phones in, trust me I've been there.

And there you have it, a round-up of what I have been playing none stop this last year. This is such a cut down version because otherwise we would be here all day and I want to put together a separate post going into more depth on my most recommended TV series because if you know me IRL that is quite possibly all I ever speak of. What have you been playing recently?