Veganuary is almost upon us again and this time I'm going to make the leap, not a huge leap granted but a leap none-the-less.  If you didn't know Veganuary is a movement or a campaign with the goal of challenging people to give up animal products from their diets for the whole of the first month of the new year.  Whether it be for curiosity, animal well being, health or the environment there are lots of benefits to skipping on the meat and dairy.

I've been Vegetarian from I was roughly 16.  I had a minor blip when I was around 21 where I started eating meat for a year and then packed that in again around the age of 22.  This time round I was much more serious and was delving into the world of veganism as it started to emerge and become more talked about and visible.   Living in rural Ireland is difficult as a Vegetarian never mind Vegan but not impossible

This year in particular since moving out and being able to manage more of my own diet choices and shopping I cut out dairy and eggs directly.  I still consume some products which contain animal products in them such as my bread containing honey and my Quorn chicken containing free range eggs but other than that I eat plant based, so this challenge should be easily achieved I hope.

I thought I would document it all on my blog for anyone who is interested in making the change themselves, for those who want to do so alongside me and for generally anyone interested in veganism and plant based diets or wanting to reduce their intake.  I hope to include simple home cooked meals that won't cost a fortune or include impossible to find ingredients, tips and advice, my own experiences and whatever else takes my fancy.  If you have any ideas of your own you'd like me to touch on let me know below.

So consider this my pledge to eating entirely vegan for one month.  AHH!