Pressure.  It's a topic I seem to have been discussing more and more often over the past couple of weeks with friends and co-workers.  Specifically the pressure that we put on ourselves or fathom from absolutely nowhere.  Pressure is often talked about in regards to external entities such as our boss giving us a strict deadline or university assignments but I haven't seen many people chat about the pressure we create ourselves, and ultimately drive ourselves mad with.

It can be pressure related to absolutely anything but I had noticed a couple of situations in particular that I seem to often be annoying myself over and thought I'd share my thoughts and views on them and hopefully someone will be able to relate, if not at least I've gotten it out of my head.

University & having a degree 

Going to University wasn't ever something I even thought about until sitting in my A levels and being told that was something we should be doing.   So not only was going in the first place something I stressed over, and actually being there in general (AKA the most stressed I have ever been) but also the pressure I put on myself to even work in the IT sector when I know I'd realistically be happier in another job.  I feel obliged to work in a career I've spent so much time studying and to be successful doing it.

To be happy

This is something I actually do see cropping up on my Twitter feed from time to time & it's forcing ourselves or stressing ourselves out over being this happy go lucky person. I've gotten myself into awful states just being so upset about not being happy which sounds absolutely ridiculous.  Often we will base our lives off other peoples and what we assume or perceive their lives to be like which is a false image we won't ever live up to, but it's hard to let that info sink it fully and I can repeat it on a regular basis but still feel shitty about it.  I need to become better at allowing myself to have miserable days were I don't get out of bed to all hours, but also know my limitations with how long that can be allowed to go on before it's unhealthy.

Taking time out 

This is one I struggle with any time I have a day off or when the weekend comes rolling back round again.  I feel pressurized by myself to  make the most of every minute I am not in work.  Having a relaxing weekend is just never on the cards and I end up running myself empty trying to cram everything imaginable into those 2 glorious days off.  Then come Monday I never feel well rested so it continues in a vicious cycle to the end of time (okay that's a bit melodramatic). I hate feeling like I have wasted a day, anyone else?

Being Healthy 

This is one that worries me actually.  For example a couple of weeks ago I got a McDonald's for my lunch and then in my head that made me rule out my usual Chinese take-a-way later that weekend because I'd given myself this made up quota of only eating fast food once a week.  Now I never usually eat that bad because I'm someone who loves home-cooked healthy packed full of veg foods so it's not as if this is something I necessarily 'need' to cut down on.   I did end up getting the Chinese but not before annoying myself about it for a while beforehand.

Setting age limits

Hear me out on this one, as you might be wondering what on earth I could be stressing myself over regarding my age.  I often put an age on things like what kind of job I should be in by then or when I should be starting a family or getting married.  It can even be more stupid than that and be as silly as dressing like a more put together 24 year old wearing heels and blouses to work or dressing up at the weekends instead of my usual Vans, chunky knits and rip jeans look, that is very ME!  

There is no great revelations to end this post I am afraid as it is still very much a work in progress.  Feel free to leave any tips or advice of your own and let me know if you do any of this too.