HOW: I am being more organised

If there is one thing I really enjoy is organisation and being organised.  Here are a few tips on what I've been doing recently;

MEAL PLANNING & PREP - Easily my favorite task of the week. Is that sad? Idc. I usually sit down every Friday evening and plan out 4 meals for the week and 5 lunches.  I'll base this on recipes I want to try from my ridiculous collection of cookbooks, ingredients I already have some of or if I enjoyed something the week before.  My current obsession is Fajitas. Once I had written down what we are going to have, I'll then list out the ingredients I need for that and any house hold or general items we always pick up.  From the list of meals if any of them can be cooked the night before, like a curry, chilli, Spag Bol, stew or soup (these always taste better the day after) i'll cook those, and if not I will at least prepare them, so chop veg, make part of the meal, or just have everything washed and set out.  Usually I am not home from work to 6pm and might have Netball at 7pm so it makes everything run a lot smoother, quicker and gives me more time to chill.  Which should just be everyone's life goal, right?

PLANNING MY WEEK - My weeks are almost identical in terms of what I get up to.  I work 9-5.30pm Monday - Friday.  I spend two nights a week at Netball and two at Personal Training, and I visit my Mum & Dads twice a week for my dinner.  It doesn't leave me a whole pile of time to do much each so I have to be super organised with the time I do have.  I like to have a mental plan of what my week is going to look like.  I have tried electronic organisation apps and calendars before but nothing beats having a physical copy for me.  If any of you have a good diary, filofax, organiser let me know.

WEEKLY CLEAR OUT - Whether its my kitchen cupboards, that pot of sauce in the back of the fridge too long (Eewww!) or that top that I think 'maybe I'll wear that someday' I like to have a clear out weekly.  It'll usually be a Saturday or Sunday morning were I'll take a particular room and just clear out all the junk drawers.  The amount of stuff I accumulate is crazy, but its usually because during the week things get a bit more hectic and a lot more lazy.  My bedside drawer houses everything from 20 pairs of headphones, to books I've started a million times, to empty packaging and half used beauty products.  That feeling of having your sh*t together after a clear out is totally worth it.  Let go. Often.  Tip - stick on your fave music to make it a bit more fun.

DEDICATE TIME - In order to be organised, you need to allow yourself time to sit and organise things out.  A lot can be done in 15 minutes such as, jotting down your plans for the week, flicking through recipes, starting tea in the morning before work, quickly putting clutter away or checking up on what chores you need to do. 

MAKE YOUR BED - It's the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom and it's the one that you notice first if it's an absolute mess.  I hold my hands up that I need to be more strict with this but I try to get up a bit earlier in the morning so I'm not running late and I always make an effort to make my bed.  The rest of the room looks so much tidier, and it's also my base to fire everything on top of before sorting into piles.

ONE IN, ONE OUT RULE - I apply this rule to just about everything and anything.  If I want to splurge on £100 on Asos I'm gonna have to be purchasing either something my wardrobe is really lacking, or replacing a much loved item.  The same goes for my beauty and skincare collection too.  I used to be such a junkie when it came to skincare and no joke had probably about 10+ cleansers.  It was around the time of my really bad acne and in hindsight I was probably making the whole thing worse by chopping and changing products.

FOLDERS/CATEGORIES/REMINDERS - I'm an organized person who works in IT so obviously my laptop and phone are going to also follow that theme. kinda.  I'm a sucker when it comes to filing things away neatly, be in my files on my work laptop or my apps on my phone.  Everything is so much neater, cleaner and I can actually find things. yay. I also get lots of enjoyment out of email reminders and categories. Is that sad? cause idc. :)

How do you stay organised?