New VEGAN Cookbooks

I am forever on the look out for new recipe books and I recently picked up these two on a late night amazon spend session (anyone else do this? help.) after seeing a lot of hype around the two books.

I am a big big fan of Lucy Watson from watching Made in Chelsea a few years back and I love everything she stands for and her activism with regards to animal cruelty and the vegan movement.  She recently brought out her own Vegan cookbook "Feed Me Vegan" which I was so ready for after watching her mini videos on Instagram and seeing how nice her home-cooked meals looked. Spoiler:  It did not disappoint.

The beginning of the book touches on Lucys upbringing and when she really started to connect the animals living on her home farm to those on her plate.  It really resonated with me as I also grew up around animal agriculture and had very similar thoughts to Lucy growing up.

The book in general is packed full of comforting and easy to make recipes with something to satisfy everyones taste. I recently tried her Lentil 'Shepherds' Pie recipe which was absolutely divine and was a big hit with my Mum & Dad who aren't massive fans of meals without meat.  It was so filling and packed full of flavours and one that will be cooked on repeat during the week in my house.  

Whilst I was on noseying the second book "Keep it Vegan" was a recommended item and for a really good price it would have been rude not to pick it up.  The description sounded completely up my street and exactly what I was looking for as it described itself as being no fuss ingredients that you would be able to find easily.  That in itself sold it to me as I have often picked up cookbooks to find that one meal will send me back crazy £ just sourcing some of the ingredients and it's nice to be able to cook up some recipes with ingredients I always have in my cupboards, especially during the week.

Keep it Vegan starts off with a brief introduction into Aine's life and her journey in her earlier days of transitioning to a Vegan diet along with some tips for anyone who is considering making the change.  It offers over 100 recipes that include breakfasts, midday meals, sides, and sweet treats & alongside her growing family of cookbooks Aine also is the writer behind the blog Pea Soup Eats where you will find a vast array of recipes to give you a taste for what her recipe books might contain. 

I haven't tried any recipes from this one yet so can't vouch just yet but I have many corners turned down ready to give a go.  As per usual I will report back any findings ;)