Homemade Veggie Pizza


I'm literally just lying up typing this after wolfing the above into me at high speed.  I have been talking about making my own pizza from scratch forever and I am so unbelievably proud of how well it turned out.  I'm aware I might sound crazy but usually when baking of any description and me are involved it never ever turns out well.  I'm so pleased I've actually made one of my fave foods ever. PIZZZZZZZZA!

The recipe is based off a Jamie Oliver number which you can find here.  Instead of making this by hand however I just simply added the ingredients needed to my bread maker and set it on 'dough' setting.  Bare in mind the linked recipe makes 8 pizzas so adjust to suit you.  I halved all ingredients.

After 1hr 30mins of seriously kneading... by the bread maker, I floured and oiled some tin foil and kneaded in some extra flour to the dough mix as mine was very sticky still.  I had swapped out the 2 types of flour Jamie called for and replaced with Dove Free From Bread flour so it might have altered the consistency slightly.  I then rolled into one big ball, cut in half and placed one half in a freezer bag and popped into the freezer to save for another time.  The other half, I halved again to make two pizzas and rolled these out until 1/2 cm roughly.  I had tried rolling straight onto the worktop before this and the pizza base then was stuck, so rolling directly onto the tin foil made it easy to transport.

Then the fun part - toppings! I added some pizza sauce, mushrooms, red onion, sweetcorn and at the end topped with rocket. You could add anything you'd like and if you like some of the vegan cheeses I am sure they would be great too!  I then placed both of the pizzas on the tin foil onto the bars of the oven and cooked until golden (20mins).  To make sure the bases were fully cooked through I then transferred them onto a pizza tray which had little holes in to allow the heat to get through from the bottom.

Finally, I served it with some home made chips, topped with rocket and some Follow your Heart Caesar dressing, salt and black pepper. I couldn't be happier with how this turned out and devoured it in seconds.  It worked out ALOT cheaper than a dominoes delivery would have and was equally as nice.

If you decide to make this please make sure and share with me online, I can't wait to see your creations!