Minimalism & Me

Hands down my favourite kind of videos to watch on Youtube are those creators who follow a zero waste lifestyle and have the most clean, tidy and minimalistic house ever.  There is something that really brings a sense of calmness to me after I've had a massive clear out and organised things into their little homes and actually knowing where to find them when I go looking again.  At least for a week or so until I revert back to my old messy ways, only to repeat the whole exercise the following month. *sigh*

  I thought I would share what I have been doing to reduce clutter and live a more streamlined simple lifestyle.

Meal Planning - Sounds like such an obvious one but I couldn't believe it when a work collegue told us how much food she was throwing out each week.  Since moving in to my own home I've religiously sat down every Friday evening and wrote out the following weeks meals.  It means that when I hit the aisles of Tesco I am not buying items all around me, and have a bit of an idea of what I need to pick up.  It also keeps my waste at a very low level, if any at all and means I can come in from work in the evenings knowing what I am cooking, or better yet start prepping the night before.  I also just really enjoy actually getting use out of the few cook books I have and changing up our meals.

Wardrobe Clear Outs -  I have always been ruthless when it comes to my clothes.  I have very few items I care about and would happily donate the whole lot if I knew I could afford to replenish it with some good quality pieces. I tend to buy a few new bits and love the life out of them, then get bored, never wear them again and so the cycle starts again.  I have been brutally honest with myself lately and if I can't remember wearing the clothing recently, or if I'm not loving the item it'll be threw into a bag and placed in my spare room.  If I don't go looking for it within the next few weeks it's gone.  I'm also a stickler for putting away the wrong seasons items to save space and time hunting through clothes and it's also a good oppurtunity to figure out whether you are really going to need those 100+ jumpers next year.

Using up Beauty products rule - The one thing I really had trouble honing in on was my ridiculous beauty collection, particularly my skincare.  Things got a little out of hand when I realised I was sitting with 5 body moisturisers and couldn't remember when I last even used one.  So in a bid to sort out my vastly dehydrated legs and save my bank account I made a little rule to myself that I wouldn't be buying any new beauty products unless I had used up what I already had.  So far so good and I've been sticking at it.  I actually enjoy getting to the end of a moisturiser now knowing I'll be able to branch out and give a different one a try.  So far, Soap & Glory are proving hard to beat.

Now none of this is ground breaking, and I am probably not ever going to be one of those people who has a 40 piece wardrobe any time soon but these are little simple changes you can make. 

Minimalism to me is living a simpler life without all the excess clutter, the stuff we don't need but often want and the stuff that weighs us down.  For me I find a bigger sense of appreciation for life and all the little things that make up our every day lives.  

What is Minimalism to you?