How I style my Vintage writing desk: Home Interiors

I'm a big fan of Vintage furniture so when my Dad came home one day with an old style writing bureau I quite literally got Simon to load it into his van, brought it home and instantly removed a dresser I had in our kitchen to find a home for my new desk.  The best part about it all? It was absolutely free, my Dads friend was going to throw it out. Imagine!

My home is a mish mash of interior styles.  I'm not a fan of super modern decor but I do like elements of a more contemporary, minimalistic style mixed in with some country-esque vibes and a lived in look.  Although I like my home to look tidy, I also like some clutter and I think having a stack of books on a bedside table or trinkets scattered throughout the room bring a bit of personality to a house.  My new writing table fits perfectly into this mix.

Our house isn't huge and I had just recently bought a sideboard for our living room so really didn't have a lot of options on where to place my new bureau.  I didn't want to have it stowed away out of view in a spare room, and there wasn't any room in my narrow hallway so the kitchen was chosen.  Not your most conventional room for a writing bureau but none the less I think it fits in rather well.  I haven't stored anything inside just yet, and I have a broken hinge to fix and a little velvet to replace the old worn leather inside but it's a DIY I am looking forward to getting stuck into.  It very much is a place for me to stack my cookbooks and display some of my decorative bits as well as my favourite mustard teapot sitting pride of place.  Who knows, I could be blogging in style once I get the repairs complete.

We are due to have a mini overhaul of our kitchen in the next few weeks, re-painting the walls to brighten it up a little and replacing the stripy wallpaper above with something a little more muted and maybe incorporate a country living vibe into the room.  Basically - I seen a grey wallpaper with little farm animals printed through.  It's so cute and I really hope it'll all tie together nicely.

I'll be sure to update you when I'm done!