My Top Four Vegan Cafes in Berlin

I'm only back a day from Berlin & I'm already mourning the fantastic city.  Berlin is such a vibrant edgy city and it quickly became top of my list of European cities I have visited.  It's a city that gets me!  Overflowing with History, Modern life overlapping the old & heaven on Earth for anyone following a Plant based or Vegan diet.  Heck, I felt normal!

Kiez Vegan

I only got to visit a few of the vast amount of soley Vegan cafes and restaurants, not to mention the hundreds, thousands of restaurants who can cater and provide alternatives, but from the mahoooosive list these were my top picks.

Lia's Kitchen - in a much quieter part of the city, we hopped onto the Metro a road a few stops until we came across this beauty.  A small, cosey cafe tucked away serving up amazing rainbow salads & my personal fave Vegan burgers and fries.  They had lots of different options for burgers/salad available but I went for the Chilli bean burger which came topped with bacon, salad, cheese and Jalopenos - all 100% vegan ofc.  9/10

Funk You - For the best Vegan wrap I've had to date visit here.  Funk you is tucked away into shopping mall Concept in the Bikini Berlin area near the Berlin Zoo.  You can sit and watch the monkeys whilst you eat your lunch which is something I can't say I have done before.  I went for the Senorita Linda minus the Mozzarella and also tried my first ever Vegan carrot cake which is something I will remember for years to come.  It was SO good.  Simon: "the best wrap I've ever had" - and this is coming from a meat lover. 10/10

The Bowl - One of the most raved about restaurants in Berlin and rightly so.  I am a big lover of salad and grain bowls and had to check this place out before leaving.  I went for the Calafornia bowl which consisted of Quinoa, Sweet potato wedges, guac, apple & carrot salad, leaves, sweetcorn and the most delicious dressing.  Very tasty, very filling and the decor inside was so dreamy.  It sits on top of a Veganz supermarket which is an entirely Vegan grocery store (yes you heard me correctly) and next door a Vegan shoe shop.  I'm telling you, this place is surreal.  Across the road you can also find a old style photo booth which are scattered throughout the city & are great for capturing your trip away. 9/10


Kiez Vegan - I came across Kiez when we got lost for the 10th time looking for a different Vegan cafe and what a find it was.  My favourite of all mentioned here they had THEE TASTIEST salad I've ever eaten ) and ofc I had to try a slice of their pizza they had on offer.  The entire thing was incredible and full of flavour not to mention the cheapest place we ate all week. I opted for a mix of all of their salads as well as their tomato pizza which was abs scrummy!  I highly recommend you visit  - Also Simons top eat of the week!! 11/10

I really cannot rave about Berlin enough.  Life was so easy there and the amount of choice for Vegans is amazing and only seems to be expanding.   I can't wait to visit again to check out the rest of the cafes that come highly rated.   Where would you recommend?