What I eat in a day(kinda)

I'm always intrigued by 'what I eat in a day' videos and blog posts & find it really easy to get stuck in a rut.  I'd love to start this up as a more regular series sharing some recipes and food plans to hopefully give you some new ideas too. I hope you enjoy this quick post on my breakfast & lunch meals.

Avocado on toast
I know it's typical cliche blogger breakfast, but all for a good reason. It's delish!  I love having a more savoury breakfast and like to mix in some red onion and tomato with mine to make a kinda of gauc recipe. Chilli flakes and garlic work well if you want to spice things up a little and I've seen many other bloggers use some lemon juice as well.  I sometimes swap out the red onion for some veggie bacon and make a improved BLT or add some rocket for some peppery-ness. What did we eat before avocado came around? It's my go to weekend brekkie.  The rest of the week tends to be a slice of toast on the way to work.  Keeping it real.

veggie rice bowl
I love the whole trend at the moment with rice bowls.  They are so quick to rustle up and really filling as well.  They are so versatile and I can top with just about anything from steamed veggies, chilli or tofu pieces.  Today I threw together a quick veggie bowl using very little ingredients and an even lazier micro rice and beans pack. I usually do these at least once a week and typically when its getting close to grocery day and lots of odd ends of salad veg needs used up.  Also, a big dollop of hommous makes everything taste good!  You really cant go far wrong with these bowls and can switch and swap for veg you like.  Brocolli and kale both work well, as do roasted carrots & parsnips and of course falafel.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see or something I really need to try that you love.  I'm always on the hunt for new recipes.