The Couple Next Door: Book review

2017 has been a year of very little reading for me.  I'm usually through at least 6 by now, but this year I lost all interest and the very thought of picking up a book and starting it exhausted me.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to finish the books I do have, yet I am a firm believer that if I haven't read them as soon as I have bought them, I probably won't ever.  So naturally I went out and bought five new books, as a birthday treat of course.  To Sara, From Sara.

I usually do a lot of research into a book before I'll commit to buying it. Heck I don't need any more decorative novels on my shelves.  I love checking out Amazon's best sellers and then typing in their titles to Goodreads and scouring through the reviews picking out the good ones.  I follow a good few  of my fave bloggers on there so a recommendation or a five stars from them is usually a good indicator.

The Couple Next Door grabbed my attention as it was 'The Sunday Times Bestseller' and 'The most talked about thriller of the year'.  Reading the blurb on the back lurred me in and I wanted to know more instantly.  It's my first ever novel I have read from the Author Shari Lapena and it most certainly will not be the last.

You never know what is happening on the other side of the wall.

The story starts with Anne and Marco and gives a little background into their new family life with a newly born baby and the struggles they are coming to with the new found parenthood. The story touches on Anne's postpartum depression and how this affects Anne but also Marco, and the strain it puts on their relationship, but very much so on what is about to happen their child.

Anne lives next door to Cynthia and Graham. A couple who they have been friends with since before having Cora and they are quite frank about having no love lost when it comes to children. Cynthia invites Anne and Marco around but told them she doesn't want their six month old daughter at the dinner party, Nothing personal, she just can't stand her crying. The babysitter cancels last minute and Marco convinces Anne it will be fine to leave Cora alone, checking on her every half an hour and listening through the baby monitor.

Cora was sleeping when they last checked, but as Anne races up the stairs in the deathly quiet house, her worst fears materialise as Cora is gone. With the front door lying open and both parents intoxicated, they decide to ring the police. Now they are in their home, who knows what they will uncover?

I loved this book from the beginning to end. It was one of those reads I raced into bed in the evenings for and couldn't wait to pick up where I had left it the evening before. Each chapter dished out a little more information, enough to keep you hanging on for more. And although they gave up the twist quite obviously and you felt like you knew exactly what was going on, you really had no idea and completely in the dark. It's the first time I have read a crime book that is so open about the storyline yet closed in a sense that you are uncovering the mystery alongside the detectives but also the characters involved and it is sure to wreck your brain.

One I one hundred percent recommend.