My First Bloggers Event

I am still on a high from last nights event!

I was kicked back into reality this morning on my way back into work after an unbelievable night at my first ever blogger event hosted by Alex Silver PR in the Merchant hotel for Kiss.  I can't even begin to explain how good of a night it was.  I legit felt like Lauren off of the Hills.  We were spoilt rotten with a free bar all night and food served throughout, not to mention the eyelash and nail bars making everyone look glam.

I got the train down a little earlier to meet my girl Victoria from @retrosnowflake which totally helped my nervousness.  We have been chatting online for AGES now so it was so lovely to finally meet in person and have a good old chat.  We both dandered on round to the Merchant hotel together and went up to the fourth floor for a rooftop summer party.

We signed in and helped ourselves to a drink and met the girls from Alex Silver PR who told us a little about the event and pointed us in the direction of the rooftop balcony.  We were surrounded by likeminded people and I never realised how many people from little old Northern Ireland blog, it was so lovely to introduce myself and mingle with the familiar faces I know from the online world.  It is a strange feeling to know so much about someone, having never met them face to face but also a great ice breaker.

Victoria had been to a few events before so had met some of the girls previously.  We sat with Lauren @LR_daydreamer, Katy@katybellemairs and Lauren @lauren_prenter and I couldn't have picked a better bunch to sit with.  They are such down to earth, normal girls and we got chatting about everything from teacher crushes to hairstyles.  

I am so glad I pushed myself and went to the event, I was a bundle of nerves beforehand and getting the train up I wanted to hop off along the way. I was so worried I was going to be sitting alone or under dressed for the whole event and it really wasn't the case.  Everyone was in such good spirit and made me feel so at ease and welcome.  I left with a goody bag containing an abundance of lashes and nails to take home and a huge grin on my face.

I can't wait for my next event!