Loving Lately: Beauty Edition

A round up on what I have been loving lately.

If any of you were readers of my first blog you will remember I used to religiously do Beauty Favourites for a while. Well...

I’m reviving an old series today; I'm not going to promise the same regular updates because it just wouldn't be realistic. I am very much someone who finds a product that works and sticks with it.  But I thought I would share these products as I reach for them daily & do genuinely harp on to my friends to try them irl.
From makeup & skincare, to good old haircare, this lot are must haves for me…
Firstly, Makeup.
When it comes to my makeup routine I have gotten so lazy about the whole thing and prefer a much lighter coverage and more natural look, especially during the week.  I tend to flit between the BareMinerals complexion rescue and their original foundation.  The powder does give a higher amount of coverage but the CR gives my skin the healthiest of glows ever!  To add some extra glow-age (you can never have enough) I dab on some GOSH Lumi Drops, which kind of acts as a highligher stroke blush and makes me look aliiiiiive.  To finish the whole thing off I fill in my brows using the Urban Decay brow beater pencil which is the perfect shade and glides on really easily and pop on some of the Urban Decay Naked Concealer for any hard to cover spots. I bloody love this concealer.  If I am in a real rush I literally just fire some of this on and go! 

Lastly, a couple of mixed bag products. 

For my evening cleansing routine I like to double cleanse.  I am prone to acne (YAY!) so I am obsessed with making sure every ounce of makeup and oil is off my face before I hit the pillow.  I start off with a quick whizz around using the Superdrug own brand Simply Pure and I especially love their miscellar water.  I then go in with my second cleanse using a perscribed soap alternative called Dermol - which I highly recommend for anyone with skin issues.  To finish off the whole routine I apply some of the Simply Pure Moisturiser which contains SPF15 for the warmer weather.  It is very light weight and sinks in very quickly.
Finally, some hair.

My one and only favourite hair product at the moment is this hair oil by Superdrug.  It is a therapy oil which has really be helping with my god awful dry bleached ends and leaves my hair smelling unbelievably good and so silky smooth.  I always feel like I have been at the hairdressers when I use this and its great for sticking down those crazy baby hairs too!

What have you been loving lately?