June Goals

Oh May, you have flew by so fast and the busy-ness is only going to continue.  I feel like this year I have been rallying around like a crazy woman trying to get loads done and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon.  I love setting myself mini personal goals to reach through out the year and then feeling like such a boss when I complete them.

01. Minimalism.  I've been really getting into reading more Vegan and No Waste blogs but also really inspired by those videos of small houses on youtube and how little stuff everyone has and how happy they seem.  I'm not about to go throw all of my things out in one go, but I have been making sure I use up my 30 bottles of body lotion before picking up another.  The idea of capsule wardrobes always appealed to me as well.  I have really streamlined my wardrobe down since moving, and I am trying to buy key pieces that are good quality instead of those peices that only last one season or are high trend. 

02. Plan a big trip. We recently booked a city break to Berlin for later in the year and I am very much one of those people who need to plan everything! I usually take each day, research all the places I want to visit and find out which are close together and arrange my days around that area.  Things can get a bit cray cray when I look into restaurants and cafes and plan our evening meals.  Hear me out, I'm Gluten Intolerant and Vegetarian so a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.

03. Do something with my hair! I am never happy regardless of cut or colour.  I flick between wanting dark long hair, to balayage choppy bobs and no matter which I am sporting at the time I am always wanting the other.  I love my lighter ends  as I wear a lot of dark colours and I feel it adds a nice contrast and a bit of interest lol, but on the other hand it fades so quickly and my once grey toned blonde ends turn brassy very quick.  I have a week to decide, I think I'll have sickened my Mum & Sister a long time before then.

04. Finish a room in the house.  Did I mention I have moved out? I am sure everyone in my real life is more fed up of hearing about it, trust me.  But I feel like I am flitting between so many different rooms at one time that none end up ever really feeling finished.  Everywhere needs painting, I'd love new bedside tables and a rug for the living room.  I've had photos that are needing frames for far too long and bare shelves to fill. 

What have you got planned for the month ahead?