Veggie Cottage Pie

Probably not one of the most photogenic meals I have ever made, but most definitely full of flavour, very filling and a twist on a more traditional classic.

Ever since moving out a couple of months ago and being forced into being semi responsible adults and having to fend for ourselves in the food department means I run out of ideas pretty quickly.  I am always on the hunt for a new recipe or a new twist on something I love constantly striving to make 'my best dish' and Simon tends to be my judging panel.  I love mustering up a new special in our house and this is our current fave.  Meet the dish - Sweet Potato and Parsnip Vegetarian Cottage Pie.  Catchy name don't ya think?

This was half influenced by a recipe from Niomi Smarts cookbook, however she makes her own filling up whilst I throw in a bag of meat free mince. Top Chef skills eh? plus I really fancied cottage pie and we had a massive 1 normal potato left and a whole bag of the sweet kind so I kinda had no other option.  Good job it turned out good, experiment success.

1/2 bag Veggie Mince (or lentils could also work)
6 - 7 Sweet Potatoes (to top)
2 large Parsnip (to top)
2 large Carrot
1 cup Frozen peas
1 large Onion
1/2 small Brocoli (side dish)
1/2 small Cauliflower (side dish)
pinch Paprika
pinch Chilli Powder
splash Worchester sauce
pinch Garlic
Salt & Pepper
Veggie gravy

  1. Add a splash of olive oil to a frying pan and add in onion, cook until soft.
  2. Add in spices and veggie mince, fry until mince is cooked thoroughly (10mins).
  3. Add in carrots & peas and mix up some vegetarian gravy.
  4. Leave to simmer, while waiting chop and boil potatoes and parsnips.
  5. Mash both and add mince to two small caserole dishes, top with potato topping.
  6. Oven until crispy on top, and serve with veggies of choice.
 I was really impressed with how this turned out and the worchester sauce added a nice tangy taste to the mince, def one I'll be making again.  I have made this a few times in the past with champ topping as well in case any of you are not fans of sweet potato.  I def recommend leaving this in the oven for a while as I did remove it too early and my topping was not as crispy as it could have been.

Let me know if you give this a whirl, or link me up your fave recipes below.