Favourite Vegetarian Cookbooks

 I have been so into cooking since we moved out, I have to admit the joy did fade a little considering I now have to cook everynight after I get home - missing Mum's home cooking and coming home to a plate on the table for sure - but I love how I have been able to get all experimental up in the kitchen.  I sit down every Saturday morning, scroll through Pinterest & flick through my little collection of cookbooks, pick out 5 meals and jot down what I need from the shops.  I sound super organised I know, but it saves me so much £ and stops the urge to go mad for all that's on offer.

It's my birthday on Thursday (25th) and this year I really couldn't think what I needed so asked Simon to get me some new cookbooks - it was safe to say I had exhausted the 2 decent ones I did have.  We headed to The Works which is my fave place to pick up really affordable Veggie & Vegan books, and they didn't disappoint!

Plant Based Cookbook is my fave of the three.  I am trying to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan and it's packed full of tips and advice on how to go plant based as well as all of the benefits healthwise and how to get the best nutrients into your diet.  It's also full of inspirational photography and the recipes are different to the normal veggie books with easy to find ingredients and non-complicated methods.  I went through and marked out a good few to try and can't wait to get stuck in Creamy Sweetcorn cowder - Page 93 and Winter Vegetable Pie - Page 165 are first on the list.

Vegetarian Step-by-step is a really unique concept of a recipe book.  Each recipe is broken down into 2 or 3 pages with really detailed photography showing you exactly how to re-create each dish.  It would be very helpful for anyone just getting into cooking, and includes some really inspiring dishes whether your looking for something simple, or something a little fancier.  Whether a meat eater or a veggie you are sure to like something inside.  I'm really excited to give the Chickpea, Aubergine and red pepper casserole - Page 180 a try.

Honestly healthy in a hurry really appealed to me as during the week quick and healthy meal ideas I tend to struggle with.  It is packed full with batch cooking ideas, healthier swaps and super speedy meals you can throw in the oven and get on with other things.  There are a few recipes in here which really took my fancy such as Herbed sweet potato salad - Page 130 and Sweet potato falafel - Page148.  The book itself has been finished to a really high standard and reminds me of Deliciously Ella's cookbook with the pretty photography and beautiful calligraphy fonts through out. 

Do you have any favourites?