Worry. It's starts with a small nagging thought, which multiplies until before you know it you have created a storm in your own head, making you think irrationally and zapping away all of your energy, both physically and mentally.

I spent the other day reflecting back on my final year of University and the trauma that came with completing a degree. It was hands down the most difficult time of my life, not only educationally, but mentally. It was a whirl wind of emotions from pride, relief, stress, anger and upset, and all for what? A piece of paper that deems me as "qualified"?

Todays post is one I need to take my own advice with, it's one thats close to my own heart and one I currently need to listen to. Ironically I even had a reminder not to worry tattooed on my skin, in the form of lyrics from my favourite band & I still over-worry and panic so much I make myself physically ill. But we live and learn eh?

It's a lot easier said than done, to worry less and stop stressing. To let what will inevitably happen, happen. The truth is, if I failed the exam I could have resit it. If I got a bad mark in one module, I could bump it up in another. Every problem in life can be overcome, whether it involves you riding out the storm, starting afresh or changing the direction your heading in.

So how can you stop worrying? Here's my advice...

Remind yourself, how many of the things you have worried about actually happened?

It's surprising how often things we spend so long worrying about never happen. If you are anything like me, very little of these worries ever present themselves. So stop, and ask yourself this question the next time your panicking.

Ask yourself, what is the worst than CAN happen? 

Honestly, what is the worst that could happen? Usually when I have answered this question myself the worst that I think can happen is not as scary as what my mind has perceived it to be or I sit looking very puzzled because I realise nothing really can happen.

Re-focus on the small step you can do to help you move forward

To stop worrying instantly, I find it really helpful to stop and think about what I can do NOW to help the situation. If it's an exam I'm worried about, I email the lecturer, I pick up the book and go through some notes, or I visit a friend to do some revising together. Break the worry down into small sections that are do-able and start from there. Once you have accomplished that, start over! Before you know it, your problem has already been solved.

Get outside

I know what you are thinking, those people who tell you to exercise when you feel like shit are the biggest asses ever, but I swear it really works.Whether you go for a short walk or bring your YOGA mat outside, something about the fresh air and the outdoors calms me instantly. Working out can also take your mind off your problems and help you focus on what is happening in the now!

I really hope these steps can help somebody who is in the same shoes as I very often am. Leave any comments below and we can all help each other out.