What is on my Face?

It's been forever since I have spoke beauty on my blog, first time on here but it was something I used to predominantly chat about on my last blog.  I had truly fallen out of love with beauty blogging, I was feeling totally uninspired to type up similar comments every post about makeup.  Truth be told, I love my makeup I just don't have a lot to say about it. 

My makeup routine is very boring!  I basically slap on a few products to hide my spots and make me look like I am in the land of the living each morning.  I'm absolutely fine to head out without a drop of anything on, providing my skin is in reasonably good behavior.  Over the last few months I really feel like I have found products that I can honestly say I love, I have been repeat buying which hasn't happened since the good old days of Dream matte moose and Max-factor Pan stick.  #dontknocktheoldies

Urban Decay Naked concealer is by far the best concealer I have ever tried.  I don't wear a liquid foundation at all anymore unless I am on one of those extremely rare night outs.  I dab a good amount of this magical liquid on any blem's, under the eyes, around my nose and we are good to go. It has a very full coverage without feeling heavy on my face and finally I have found a concealer that doesn't crease the life out of my under eye.  Hallelujahhhhhhhhhhhh.

I have never been able to leave the house without using a powder.  My skin becomes incredibly oily through out the day, but it was also just one of those things that made me feel like my makeup was complete.  For years I swore by the Rimmel powder, but since going cruelty free I have had to look for alternatives and found it in MUA's Translucent pressed powder.  For a £1 you really haven't anything to loose by trying their range and I have to say it does what I want it to do.  My only gripe it getting the bloody thing opened without loosing a tooth.

To finish off my routine I blend out a bit of contour to make my face look less like it resembles a football, highlight - because everyone else seems to be at that? a bit of blusher to add some colour to my cheeks and a coat of mascara.  Of course the eyebrows get done, the longest and most hateful part of my routine and one I am by no means qualified to talk about.

What does your routine consist of? Do you prefer a more natural look?