The Vegan Kind

Vegan creme eggs - do I need to say anything more? 

This month's The Vegan Kind box did not dissapoint and was packed full of goodies to try out. If you have no idea what I am on about, TVK is a monthly subscription box where snacks literally come to your front door. Genius! & to top it all of they are 100% Vegan and 100% cruelty free.

My favourite part of the box (apart from all the snacks ofc) is the beauty product they throw in.  They do have a seperate box if you would prefer to receive only beauty related items, but I like to mix up of food and beauty items.  This month was a conditioner from Human + Kind which is officially the best conditioner I have ever used.  It has been a god send to my extremely damaged bleached hair and smells amazing.  TVK seems to work with this brand quite often as I have also received a hand cream from them in the past, and I love how they were founded in Ireland.  A brand to def check out.

The rest of the box is dedicated to snacks which I love because they tend to be treats I haven't come across before so it is nice to taste something different.  I have so far munched my way through the bombay crisps which were delicious and of course the creme egg.  It is Easter after all?  I have been using the HEMP to top any salads or stir fry's I have made lately as it is really great for a healthy heart but they also contain anti inflammatory benefits.  They add a nice nutty flavour and can be added to just about anything from desserts and cereals to home made breads.

I have yet to try the coconut chips or the dairy free 'mylk'.  I can be a bit iffy when it comes to flavoured milk alternatives and usually stick with plain old almond.  I have tried a banana flavour previously and really did not like it so i'll have to give the chai a taste.  I can't imagine either will hang about for too long un-eaten.

To finish the box off nicely you also get a Vegan recipe card.  I have a good stash of these now and after 6 months you also receive a binder to add them all into.  I have been looking to experiment with Tofu recently after seeing so many photos of 'salted chilly tofu' so this came at a good time.

Do you receive a subscription box?