My Fave Weekend Breakfast

It is probably the most 'on trend' breakfast or brunch and most def a blogger must have to Instagram, but all for a well deserved reason. It's one of the most versatile meals I have thrown together and can be mixed and matched with so many ingredients you usually have in the fridge.  I thought I would share my Vegetarian and Gluten Free twist.

 Let's be realistic, I'm usually throwing a slice of toast into me as I run to the car Monday to Friday, but when it comes to the weekend I like to get a lil' more fancy in the breakfast department and whip out the avo's. Yanno...?

I'm not really sure whether you can even call this a recipe? I mean its literally avocado mashed up on toast? But mixed with some chilli, smokey Quorn bacon and a hot cuppa tea it goes down an absolute treat and its something even my meat obsessed boyfriend will happily munch down - Quorn Bacon aside that is, or 'shoe soles' as he often refers to them as.  Granted, it doesn't take much like actual bacon however it has a lovely smokey taste and I love it when it gets slightly burnt it just seems to add to the flavour.    If your not a fan you could always throw in some mushrooms, radish, rocket (*droooools* I am obsessed with rocket) or if your not Vegan, Feta or Scrambled eggs could also work well.  

Here is whatcha need;

I'm even laughing at myself typing and trying to make this extremely short and simple recipe sound like there is more to it. 


Bread of choice
One small avocado
Quorn Bacon (Vegetarian)
Chilli Flakes
Butter (Vegan)


I mean, pretty self explanatory? 

Make the bread all toasty
Spread a hefty wack of butter on
Mush up the Avo inside the shell and spread over toast
Sprinkle on enough chilli to make you choke
Throw on a few rashers of bacon
Salt & Pepper to taste

And there you have my simple yet bloody amazing weekend breakfast!   What do you treat yourself to when you have the extra time?