Falling out of Love

I've been so struck with writers block lately, and then it hit me.  I've fallen out of love with Beauty Blogging.  It even extends to my Youtube channels I watch now as well.  Gone are the Zoella makeup tutorials I used to watch religiously, and in are the Home Styling vids, What I Eat in a Day and Daily vlogs.

Call me a nosey bugger, I will be the first to agree with you.  I love watching videos that inspire me in the lifestyle sense of things, make me want to go bake a cake or get outside and explore, and it can get a little boring ranting and raving frequently about Beauty products smelling amazing or looking cute, it became mudane, and most importantly it became a chore.  So after a think to myself I have came to the conclusion that I need to start using this little platform to write and express myself about things that actually matter.  Things that I give more of a damn about frankly.

Lifestyle is where its at..
 I love cooking - I cook all the time actually I just rarely share my recipes and concoctions with you guys, and I love reading up on recipes and ways of making unhealthy things health(ier).  I am going to have to pull a blog post together on people I adore, so watch this space.  Cooking aside I have a huge passion for Travel.  The majority of my savings are spent buying cheap tickets to visit a new city in Europe, so it makes sense that I should be including this more on here, and if you have been keeping a close eye you'll have noticed I finally got around to posting travel diaries that were well, hanging around far too bliming long. mybad.  My boyfriend Simon must be sick of me talking about where I want to go in the world next, but it was travel that brought us together and it is very important to both of us, and if you ask me if you haven't travelled, you simply have not lived.   Travel does not have to mean leaving the country either people, hop in the car and see where you end up!

I absolutely know this is the right idea for this little space of mine, simply because I am excited typing this up right now, I haven't been excited to publish and photograph something in a long long while, so heck I am gonna roll with it. 

Leave me lots of post ideas on things that interest you below, I want to treat this space more like a journal or scrapbook as apposed to 1 big merge of a post spewing out about hand creams and moisturisers, although rest assured your still gonna find the odd one around these parts. Heck I am only human. #lushieforlifie

I'm so excited!

Catch ya later.