Easter Monday Adventures

I'm in that stage of the Easter holiday break where I have realized its all over and I have to go back into work in the morning (edit: right now :-( )  No matter how long we get off work, it never is long enough to fit in everything we want to.  We managed to make a pretty good stab at it this long-weekend though.

I booked off Monday and Tuesday to allow me to head to the caravan for one night, and spend the Tuesday painting and getting up to speed with things around the house that I have been putting off every other weekend - like painting my bedroom. Uhhhhh. The thought.

On Sunday afternoon we packed up the car with plenty of snacks, our hiking gear and of course Pippa and set off for the caravan.  On our way up we stopped in probably my favorite park I have visited so far in Northern Ireland - Kilbroney Forrest.  There is just something special about this little town in general, I love the fact my Grandad grew up here but also the trickling streams, the backdrop of the mountains and of course my dream house next door to the Forrest park.  I mean, LOOK at it!

After tiring out Pippa and ourselves we drove on up to Kilkeel and to the caravan to chill out for the evening and stuff our faces with wayyyy too much Chinese food.  It's tradition after all to stop on the way up at our fave take out.  Be rude to break it surely?

The next morning we got up super early and headed off not really sure on where we were going.  We ended up in a sea of traffic on our way into the entrance of Slieve Gullion Park. We have talked so so long about visiting but for some reason never have.  And hello, its like 20mins away from home!  I am so glad we decided to wait the half an hour to get in as I adored the little cafe on site but also the scenic 10k drive was breath taking.  We stopped at all of the little lay by's a got out to explore the caves made up of rocks and the views across the County but also out to sea.

It really was the icing to a lovely weekend away.  I'm left counting down the days to May day.  What did you spend the Easter break doing?