Affordable CF Skincare

Cruelty free products are all around us and readily available, so why are we still buying those that test on animals?  This was a question I asked myself a good year ago now after some of my fave Vegetarian and Vegan bloggers & Youtubers brought my attention to the whole thing.  Ever since then I have been actively trying to use up anything that I already have that tests on animals almost 100% CF yay! and replace them with more animal friendly options.  Which is suprisingly more affordable and easy to get my hands on that I thought.

Here is what I pick up regularly from Superdrug and trust Holland & Barrett.

ORIGINAL SOURCE SHOWER GEL - My skin can be ultra sensitive when it comes to shower gels, I typically can't use anything scented heavily or my skin becomes irritated, dry and very itchy.  I came across Original Source on offer in Tesco and after reading through their extremely informative packaging, popped it in my basket.  If you love the smell of coconut then give this a try, however they have an extensive collection of scents available if not.  It's very moisturising, lathers well and most importantly hasn't me scratching all night after.  I now purchase their hand soaps too and you can be sure to find them in the aisles of supermarkets but also most pound or discount stores. I'm yet to ever pay more than £1 for either.

SUPERDRUG VIT E FACIAL WIPES - I already adore everything from this line, and by now I'm sure I've worked my way through the majority of it.  Superdrug very often have a buy one get one free offer on which is always a good time to try out something new.  I do tend to use wipes as a pre-cleanse step to take the top layer of my make-up off.  I find these very hydrating, and the wipes themselves are wet (I hate when makeup wipes can feel like your just rubbing at your skin) and do the job nicely. 

MUA LIPSTICK FAWN FANCY -  I was so annoyed when I realised that my be-loved Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks were something I could no longer buy as they do test on animals, but another of my most sought after lippies were from the very affordable MUA.  I'm a fan of their £1 range and was on the hunt for a pinky-brown shade so this was perfect.  It is my first time trying a Matte shade and I have to say its a lot more hydrating that I thought it would be.  It doesn't make my lips look dry, but does make it last a lot longer.

SALT OF THE EARTH DEODORANT - I picked up this Natural Deoderant from H&B and I have to say its def one for the less sweaty.  It's fine for me to use in the colder Winter months but just not strong enough as the weather gets hotter.  I have since purchased a Superdrug own spray deo that does the job perfectly.