10 Pointless things to know about Me

After receiving a few new followers on my Twitter account, I thought a bit of insight into who is behind this blog would be a nice idea.  Instead of sighting off lots of really obvious facts about myself I thought I'd have a bit more fun with it and tell you some things you might not know about me... even if you do know me! Enjoy!

I hate wearing shoes.  The first thing I do when I get home is take my shoes off, stick my hair up and wipe that makeup off. I should have been a hippie!

I don't like baked beans touching anything else on my plate. Ugh, it just makes everything else soggy. Yuck.

I talk to my cats/dogs like a crazy woman, and I like to imagine a voice they would have if they could speak. who doesn't, right?

I like to drink my tea luke warm, whether its green tea or plain english its gotta be left to cool.  I do tend to leave it so long I forget all about it tho.

I love taking the train or public transport in general, I find it so relaxing. Anyone else feel like Adele when they listen to music on the train gazing out the window? 

I really enjoy cleaning, there is just something so theraputic about de-cluttering.  I especially love gutting out my wardrobe, usually to justify going shopping on ASOS.

 'Come dine with me' is my guilty TV pleasure, I usually watch it whilst stuffing my face with my own meal.  Otherwise, I'll be jealous and drooling.

If I was a boy I was going to be named Stephen. I note how random this might seem, but everyone convinced my Mum she was going to have a boy they had no name picked for me.

I have a birth mark on my stomach.

I'm double jointed and can turn my arm around 360 degrees.

 What pointless or weird facts do your blog readers not know about you?