Self reflection

In 2017 our self esteem is taking a huge battering.  We spend hours flicking through un-attainable images of people on Instagram, constantly comparing ourselves or putting ourselves down and basing our self worth off of how many likes our latest selfie accumulated.  It's something I know I 100% do, but more so it is something I can see happening to the younger generation.

What can we do to improve our self esteem?

Remember social media allows us to show the pretty side of life.  No one is wanting you to know they sat all last night crying, or that they had 100 spots come up over night.  We are able to show what we want to the world, and of course why wouldn't we share the best.  Filters allow us to cover blemishes or edit our appearance, Snapchat lets us capture our good times and Youtube lets us flaunt our expensive hauls.  It's sad that we know live in a world where people feel like the opinion and acceptance of other people is important.  We need to remember it's not realistic and they shouldn't matter anyway.  A friend once told me "Sara, you need to stop giving a fuck about other people" and it's always stuck with me.  & hey, there will be plenty of other people flicking through your photo's thinking the exact same thing.

Better ourselves - Instead of hating ourselves for not being 'as good as such & such' why don't we put the energy into becoming as good, or better?  If you are like me and you are struggling to have that instagram perfect photography, download a couple of guides online and get out and practice. The old saying practice makes perfect is very true, and nothing often gets handed to us without hard work.  Set yourself a few small goals a day and aim to smash them.  I often find that checking of tasks no matter how small makes me feel like I have accomplished something and my day was not wasted.  Find something you enjoy and work at it, and soon enough you'll become an expert in your own right. 

List what you ARE proud of - There are so many things we accomplish on a daily,weekly,monthly basis that we should be proud of.  Doing well in a class test, passing our driving test, getting a new job or learning a new skill that we seem to sweep under the carpet.  We need to take more time to celebrate the smaller acheivements whether that be coping through final year of uni, or learning how to bake a cake, it's all progress and something we should take pride in. This last year has seen me complete University all be it with 1000000000x breakdowns but I am super proud I stuck at it.

Remember there is only one of you - As cheesy as it might sounds, its very true.  No one well be as good at being you and you are. 

Self care - It's become the buzz word at the start of 2017 and its amazing to see.  It is SO important to take time out to chillllllll.  Stick your fave film on, hop in the bath or go for a long walk.  Whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed make sure you make time to do so every week.  I really love Laurens new series on Self Care Sundays, so you can get some good ideas here if you are stuck.

Eliminate un-healthy relationships - Whether friends, boyfriend/girlfriend or family anyone who makes you feel crappy needs to a) be told how they are making you feel, and if nothing changes b) needs to be eliminated. Haha!  The more time spent with people who make you feel worthless the more you will start to believe it. Heck, we are harsh on ourselves without adding others into the mix.

What do you do to help with Self Esteem?