Getting Settled.

3 weeks moved out and we are finally beginning to settle in our new home.  Moving out is one of the biggest steps you can take in your life, and quite frankly it scared the absolute sh*t out of me.  It still does in fact, being in charge of all these adult-y things my Mum used to take charge of are suddenly my responsibility and it's daunting, but there are so many nice little perks to moving out too;

Having your own space - having more than a single room to call my own has been one of the highlights for me.  Being able to go out and pick up little bits and bobs to scatter around the living room or kitchen is so exciting.  I have always been into interior design and now I can spend hours days perusing Pinterest for ideas and inspo for every room in the house, I am certainly in my element.

 A new found Appreciation - I have no idea how my Mum managed to fit everything into one day.  Now that I work full time and run a house alongside attempting to keep up my running and playing for a local Netball team, it's tough.  I have so much gratitude for everything Mum was able to do, but also I value every second I visit home and lap up as much quality time as I can fit in with friends and family.

The feeling of Independence - You really will suprise yourself on how well you are able to cope without your Mum or Dad.  I love knowing that this little kingdom is all mine, that I am responsible enough to run my own home, there are no rules to follow, and the best part - I can buy whatever the hell I want from Tesco.  If you didn't already know Grocery shopping brings me so much joy, I just love food.

Getting a pet - My dad was really against having a dog in the house, so the minute I moved in my little Jack Russell cross Pippa came along for the ride and is now living it up like the princess she is.  It was probably the most exciting part of moving out for me, but Shhh don't tell Simon. :) 

Are you moved out? What is your fave thing about having your own home?