5 things I'm doing in the PM

There is nothing I love more than flicking through morning or evening routine videos on Youtube.  I especially love those un-edited, realistic versions and I thought I would give my two cents.  Ever since we moved into our own home and had literally no signal to make a call or broadband to spend my evenings glued to my phone I have had to go all early 90's style and find other ways to occupy myself.  It's been lovely actually, taking a break from social media and banking up a nice hefty list of Youtube videos to catch up on, #HurryUpTalkTalk. 

Cooking from scratch - I love, love, love cooking.  Now that I am cheif chef for me and Simon in the evenings and also in charge of stocking my own cupboards and my fave - grocery shopping -  I am excited to get all experimental in the kitchen.  I have started prepping the next evenings dinner the night before to save Simon having to meet Hangry Sara after I launch through the front door after work and I am enjoying having my own space to do so. 

Walk the dog - My child Pippa the little Jack Russell terrier cross of course came part and parcel when moving in with me and most of my evenings revolve around cuddling up with her on the sofa.  I get up earlier in the mornings to go on a short walk before work, and then we both take her for an hour long dander in the evenings, not only tires Pip out but also us, and there is something I find super relaxing walking through town in the evenings. Moving a dog home has def been a mission impossible task, and to get her settled and stop me having to sleep on the sofa to stop her barking - tips MORE than welcome.

Re-kindle my love for reading - Pre-moving house I wouldn't hit the hay until any time between 12 and 1am spending hours scrolling through Twitter, catching up on Netflix series or checking out Youtube videos.  Yanno when you enter that vicious and very very weird cycle of odd yet addictive videos on Youtube? That was me!  Instead I now find myself in bed by 10.30pm with a book in hand.  I always have enjoyed reading, I just never made the time for it.  I've been really bad so far this year and haven't finished a book yet, so I am hoping to change that soon.

Organising my shiz - I have always loved being organised.  I can't function or relax unless I feel as though I have my life in order.  Whether that be clearing out my wardrobe, setting myself reminders on tasks I have to do or planning my incomings and outgoings.  To anyone not into that kinda thing I probably sound like the most boring soul alive, it makes me feel put together and productive.  I have been thinking about getting myself a bullet journal for general life planning too.

Visiting friends & fam - The whole moving out ordeal has been really difficult for me.  I am such a Mums girl and would have spent all day Sat/Sun with her in town or walking the dogs.  It's very strange getting used to the quiet in our own house now as people where always coming and going at home, it is def very strange but also really exciting.  Visiting friends and family are especially important now I'm moved out so I'm making a good effort to sqeeze the time in and spend some quality time with the VIPs.

What do you like doing with your spare time in the evenings?