In 2017 our self esteem is taking a huge battering.  We spend hours flicking through un-attainable images of people on Instagram, constantly comparing ourselves or putting ourselves down and basing our self worth off of how many likes our latest selfie accumulated.  It's something I know I 100% do, but more so it is something I can see happening to the younger generation.

3 weeks moved out and we are finally beginning to settle in our new home.  Moving out is one of the biggest steps you can take in your life, and quite frankly it scared the absolute sh*t out of me.  It still does in fact, being in charge of all these adult-y things my Mum used to take charge of are suddenly my responsibility and it's daunting, but there are so many nice little perks to moving out too;

There is nothing I love more than flicking through morning or evening routine videos on Youtube.  I especially love those un-edited, realistic versions and I thought I would give my two cents.  Ever since we moved into our own home and had literally no signal to make a call or broadband to spend my evenings glued to my phone I have had to go all early 90's style and find other ways to occupy myself.  It's been lovely actually, taking a break from social media and banking up a nice hefty list of Youtube videos to catch up on, #HurryUpTalkTalk.