Moving on

So this week brings lots of last minutes phone calls, stacks full of cardboard boxes and running about trying to get my adult life in order.

I'm taking the plunge into the big bad world of adulthood and I am bloody petrified.

It's weird really. I lived for a whole year away from my family home to study in Belfast. The big smoke. You would think that moving out for keeps would be easier, but it's not.  I feel like I am in mourning for my parents that are still alive.  For some reason, in my over reactive mind that likes to make tiny problems into huge ones that fog over my head and don't allow me to continue its like I'm moving to the opposite side of the world, when it's really the other side of town.

It's a strange old feeling really.  On one hand I am ecstatic to have my own space and a place to call home.  To invite friends round for pizza, have more than one room to myself and to move in with my boyfriend.  Yet on the other, it's waving goodbye to such a huge part of my life and the only home I have known. 

I'm terrified, yet excited, and I can't wait to see this new story unfold.