Internet Friends

If there is one thing you realise getting older it's how little of your friends you carry on through your teens and into your twenties.

Back in high school days I felt like I spent so much of my time trying to get people to like me and ultimately be one of the 'popular kids.' Then when you all leave school no one cares anymore. I remember having so many friends through out school, and then once we seperated off into College, never to be heard from again.

I can safely say I have about 5 really great friends. Friends that I might not see on a daily or weekly basis, but can still meet up with and have a good old chatter and catch up. 4 of the 5 know about my blogging, the other one I am not sure would totally get it, and thats fine too. But today I wanted to chat about a different kind of friend, but a friend none the less. And that is Internet friends.

There are a few girls I have met through starting my little blog that mean the absolute world to me. I often find I can chat to them about the 'uglier' problems in life. I find this easier with Internet Friends as there is never any judgement, usually because they are so open online and generally have or are experiencing the same issues as me. It got me thinking, I had a chat with my friend Lauren who wanted to share Christmas cards last year and it got me remonising back to my childhood when I would BEG my Mum to buy me Girl Talk magazine so I could pick a pen pal to write to. I used to spend all of my pocket money buying fancy smelly coloured pens, stickers or requesting Santa brought me a typewriter that year. Maybe it's the idea of chatting to someone new, and being able to expose peices of our lives without the initial face to face reactions that makes having pen pals or Internet friends much easier to share our woes with.

"Twitter friendships are todays Girl Talk Pen pals."

Alongside sharing the more difficult times of our lives its also such a lovely way to find people who just GET YOU! You already have the common interest of blogging to share, and most of the bloggers I follow on Twitter share my love for other things, mostly Harry Potter tbh but also Vegan or Vegetarian food bloggers, or share the love for interior designs and it's so nice to be able to bounce ideas for blog posts, and chat about a new episode of The Walking Dead. They are also scattered all over the world, I've had so many great recommendations of cafes to visit on my travels, or the best time to visit a tourist attraction. It's also just really fun to chat to someone the other side of the world and ask them constantly what time it is over there (lols).

Internet friends are always there. Lets face it, if your a blogger your on Twitter 99.9% of your day. Whether it be through social media or via a blog comment my Internet pals are the most dependent and loyal people I know. Whenever I need a chat to brighten up my day, I have support from these amazing human beings. I can only hope at some stage in life our paths cross and we can meet in real life, cause your cool as ffffffffffff.

I'm not discounting those friends I've made in real life. They are equally as special. And we just met through a different type of way—high school, college, part time jobs, friends of my boyf. But the people who live in my phone (or twitter friends list to be more exact) matter just as much. The connections, the care, the support, the kindess? Those emotions are all just as real. The stories and woes we share with each other in our online spaces bring people into our lives in a different kind of way.

So next time you follow a blogger online or accept a friend request, pop them a message. You might just make a new friend.