If there is one thing I want to really accomplish this year its to be present.  What I mean by that is to stop sitting in a room full of people, yet spend the valuable time with my head stuck into a screen refreshing absolute crap.  I spend so much of my life reloading time lines mostly filled with click bait links or silly videos and so little of my life basking in precious moments and living.

I feel like each night I sit in bed planning all these things I want to achieve the next day, only to wake up at noon and not get showered until late.  Before I know it my Saturday and Sunday have disappeared and Monday has rolled around again only to leave me feeling like I just wasted the only two days that week I got to actually live.  I sit up to 1am most nights scrolling Facebook and Instagram, and then wake up at 7am for more scrolling...I'm spending a lot of my life, looking at other people living their lives, or are they? Are we all spending ridiculous amounts of time online?

This year I want to give myself a kick up the ass. To get outside and enjoy the world I live in.  To socialise, meet new people, gain new interests or experiences.  I want to learn, do yoga,to try new food, to read a great book.  All of the countless activities I could be doing if I set down my phone for a few hours.

I'm really going to make a conscious effort to place my phone at the other side of my room at night, in the hopes this will stop the midnight scrolling but also help me wake up earlier.  I'm replacing some of the time already that I would have spent watching Youtube videos by drawing or colouring in my mindfulness books, reading, having a good old pamper session, drinking tea with my Mum and starting the Yoga with Adriene 31 day challenge.

Today was spent outside with my girls Roxy, Pippa and Bonnie.  We played around outside and it also allowed me time to practise using my new lens I bought myself for Christmas.  I am not a pro by any means but I'm enjoying shooting things that aren't lipsticks for a change. 

Do you need to take a break from the Online world?