Twenty Seventeen

2016 seems to be a year everyone can't wait to put behind them. For me it held some pretty great achievements like getting a job promotion, and finishing my University course. It also held some pretty grim times and it was the year I really accepted the fact I suffer from depression. In a bid to overcome the shitty times I am setting myself some goals I want to achieve in the next 12months. I am too damn stubborn to fail at anything without going down with an epic Ramsay Bolton style battle, so here we go;

- Photography course -
After graduating from University I was kind of left feeling like maybe Computing was not where I wanna be in 30years to now. Like everyone else I want a fun job, something I want to get up in the morning for, is this even real?

Ideally I'd love to be a Veterinary nurse but I simply could not afford to not work full time and go back to full time study. I adore animals and I feel this is really my dream job, but if there is one thing my blog has opened my eyes to is my love for taking beautiful photographs. I've signed myself up for a beginners course in my local Theatre & bought myself a new lens - I can't wait to get stuck in.

- Move into my own home - 
Me and Simon spent the last few months of 2016 house hunting. From I was very little this was something I could not wait to do, decorate my own home. I am so excited to have little Pippa living with me, and load up the spare rooms with adopted kitties. We are finalising all the boring deeds and contracts at the moment and hope to be in for the end of January next year.

I am absolutely petrified to be leaving home & particularly my Mum, we are so so close and I feel like I am never going to see her again - which is ridiculous I know but this is how my brain over-reacts guys. It's a terrifying but also highly exciting time, I can't wait to get sharing Interior posts.

- Visit a new Country - 
I live for Travelling. It is one of those experiences in life that I feel everyone should experience, whether your jet setting across to the other side of the world, or exploring a new forest park in your own country I really feel it is important to get outside and soak up something new. Berlin is next on our list, primarily because it's been dubbed the "Vegetarian Heaven", but also because I would love to delve into the history of the city and how the world war effected life there. I have so many Countries on my list, but Berlin is most definitely top.

- Volunteer at a Charity -
I have been thinking for a while now of joining a charity similar to Cats Protection or USPCA and helping with the Animals by walking or helping look after the dogs and cats. Cats protection also have animal fosters which I would love to do. Once we get in and settled to the new house I would love to either foster or adopt an old kitty. I feel like it is always kittens which get adopted from rescue centres and the little old cats always get left behind. I'd love to make the last few years of a cats life enjoyable and happy.

- Get a new hobby -
In 2016 I started playing for a local Netball team, I haven't played Netball since school and even then I was never on the team. I am by no means great at it, but I really enjoy taking part and meeting new people. It also gets me out of the house during the week. I'd love to take up something else like a Yoga class or learn how to chalk paint furniture properly. I also used to really love drawing and would love to learn how to water colour or create typography prints. Who knows?

- Continue reading loads -
This year really has been the year of reading for me, I have read so far 13 books which on the grand scale of things isn't alot, for me its a ton! I have picked up a few news books recently "A Street cat named Bob" and I have asked for 3 separate Harry Potter related books for Christmas from my Mum & Simon so there will be plenty to get started with.

- Take time offline -
One major difference I have noticed in terms of my mental health is being able to switch offline for a couple hours. I spend my entire day at work face in a screen, and after tea at home I spend hours scrolling Snapchat and You tube. Earlier this week I took time out, had a bath, switched on a Yoga with Adriene video and hopped into bed afterwards with a book in one hand and a cuppa in the other. It was absolute Bliss! 

Have you any goals your setting for 2017?