First Home Series

Let's just all ignore the fact that I deleted my entire blog, started a new one from scratch (which was the worst decision of my life) #overdramatic, and then proceeded to not post AT ALL on either! *Queue every possible excuse given*

Me & Simon have been checking out houses recently though and got an over accepted on the house of my dreams. I'm so excited, also extremely terrifed to be leaving my family home and having to function as a fully fledged Adult but since as long as I can remember I have always been planning out how my house is going to look when I'm older, how many cats and dogs I can cram in, and then hopping onto The SIMS and planning the entire thing out.

Buying a house is SO much more complicated than I thought.  At the moment we have just finished our application at the weekend, so the bank now send out a guy to survey the house to ensure its worth what we are looking to borrow.  I have had to have so many adult conversations with Banks, Estate Agents and the worst yet, Solicitors where everything has went silent as I pray they know what I am talking about, e.g.

"Hi, I have recently had an offer accepted on a house and my Mum currently is with yourselves....." *Long and Painful silence praying he knows what I am getting at and fills in the blanks* He didn't BTW!

Anyway, boring details aside and on to the fun part - buying things!
Until we get all confirmed I am afraid to buy too much, but instead find myself spending hours on Homebase and Next home websites planning out how the rooms will look.  For the living room the house is coming with the most gorgeous built in bookshelves either side of the fireplace, similiar to the photo above with the cupboard storage below - so lots of clutter, books and frames are a must!

I am also really into Navy corner sofa's at the moment as well, after seeing one on Ikea's website hereSimiliar to the one above as well, I can totally see us throwing lots of cushions and throws and really making the living room area into a big cosey comfortable zone, and interchanging the cushions and soft furnishings in Spring to more Lemon or Lavendar hues, and in the Autumn time darkening it down with checkered patterns and cushions sporting Antler or Foxes, and Burnt orange throws.  With Corner sofa's I really feel like you need a chair or two across the room.  I don't like the idea of having guests over and everyone bunched up on top of eachother having to crane their necks to have a conversation.  A little vintage old style arm chair I feel could really help with this and with cushions and throws (are you feeling my obsession with C & T's?) could tie the navy back into the sofa.  I'd also love a second arm chair in the kitchen for Pippa my JRT to live on.

Plants and Wicker baskets are also a must for me, I love making a house feel homely and inviting and plants make the room come alive.  I already have my bedroom at home turned into a mini greenhouse so I have plenty coming with already, but I would love a large fern to add some greenery into the room.  I also adore Industrial style furniture, raw wood tables mixed in with iron frames, as well as metal wire baskets for storing blankets and trinkets in.  

I have so many different tastes when it comes to interiors, ranging from Minimal and modern, Country chic to Industrial style I talked about, so I am certainely going to have a strange mixture going on.  I really feel as though its the oddness and mish mash of furniture and clutter that give a house character, and I CANNOT wait to get hitting the Charity shops, auctions and booksales.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Lots of Love,