My ever-growing ring collection

A year ago if you would have given me a piece of Jewellery for Christmas it would have sat in a cupboard waiting to be worn, nowadays I'm obsessed and constantly buying new stud earrings or dainty little silver rings to stack up.

After realising we have an Oliver Bonas in Belfast I recently went a little cray cray on the Jewellery front.  I realised that I didn't have many nice pieces and was bored of anything I did have.  Most of which was bought for teenage birthdays and picked for a different taste altogether.  When it comes to Jewellery I like things plain & simple.

My collection first started with the little knot ring from Argento as a birthday present last year from my Mum.  It's still in stock and not overly expensive but I loved the simplicity of it and it kick started my love for rings.  After picking it up my hands looked a little bare and the bottom right diamond ring joined the pack.  I originally wanted this to be a thumb ring and got it sized to fit - it was so agrivating to have a ring there, so it was exchanged and now fits my index finger perfectly.

After a weekend trip to Oliver Bonas two more joined the club, the Turquious marble-esque and silver circle ring - when I seen this I feel in love.  The turquious adds a touch of colour and I love how it makes my hands look a bit more feminine and girly.  I couldn't decide between it or the bottom left ring, so on a rash decision I thought frig it I'll get both.  I adore the Jewellery from Oliver Bonas and its COMPLETELY my style.  Everything is quite minimilistic, feminine and not too chunky and the bonus (My puns are awful) they are all really affordable - I dunno about you but I just assumed O.B was really expensive...don't even get me started on their homeware.

"Simon! We need to move out ASAP, so I can pick up all the copper pineapples"

In Topshop I picked up the little moon and stars ring.  From I was little I have always loved and been fascinated with the night sky - which lead to me getting a star tattoo on my hand when I was 18, not sure whether it was a wise decision or not, but I can't imagine my hand without it now.  I actually do like wearing this as a thumb ring, partly because I picked up a size too big and thats all it fits haha.

So what jewellery bits are you loving at the moment?