A little bit about me

Hello! I’m Sara and at the time of writing this little bit about myself I’m a twenty-something blogger with a penchant for Twitter GIFs and GOT Memes.

Sara is a lifestyle blogger, green tea drinker, Vegan and Animal lover from Northern Ireland.  I'm a proud Slytherin (don't let Draco fool you, we can be kind), Lannister - god this makes me sound evil, I like to think I'm more of a Tyrian than Cersei. I'm a self confessed Nerd, a huge Potterhead and I love doing absolutely nothing, tucked into bed with my fave snack of choice and a box set to binge on.  I am the definition of Netflix and Chill, minus the innuendo's and steamy romance, unless Khal Drogo counts? I mean he is my future GOT husband.

I am a big fan of cooking and I have been a Vegetarian for deep breath I want to say 10 years now? & a Vegan from January 2018. As of last year (2017) I have also been living a mostly cruelty free beauty regime except for those last few products I need to hurry and use up.

I have been blogging for over two years now with the best chunk of that dedicated to my first blog SimplySara which was started as a Beauty Blog and over time has grown alongside myself to be this very blog today.  The reason for the drastic change? 1. I love designing blogs and playing around with themes and fonts and colours and get bored easily, and 2. Because I absolutely grew to hate the name and my love for solely Beauty died. There is only so many words to describe a new blusher. *queue the cliche beauty blogger descriptions*  I much prefer typing out more lifestyle posts now-a-days from food to travel to books.

I am also a HUGE animal lover - & mother to two rescued kittens, Theo & Xena and 3 beautiful dogs, Bonnie, Pippa and Roxie. Don't worry I am sure to bore you to death with images of all 5.  I live on a small farm in rural Northern Ireland where If I am not found at my laptop typing blog posts, you can find me in my wellies walking the dogs.  I adore the outdoors and try to jam pack every Saturday and Sunday exploring different parts of Ireland with my boyfriend Simon.

I come from a family of 3, one older brother and one younger sister.  Like any family we scream the house down at eachother but as soon as one is in trouble, we all pull together.  I am the middle child, and can confirm that the rumours you hear about middle children are completely true. haha.  We live on a small farm, with a random collection of animals so I'm kept busy. But don't be fooled into thinking its glamorous, its me in old jeans and a jumper with wellies on brushing up poop and running around fields.  I love exploring, and you'll often find me climbing through holes in hedges, or knee deep in a river.  Talking of exploring, travelling is my passion and I'd love to one day be able to say I have travelled all of Europe, we are getting there slowly but surely and have visited France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Spain, England, Scotland, Cyprus and Greece so far.  (I am aware these are not all European)

Besides all that I have just recently graduated from University where I studied Computing Science and had roughly a million and one break downs.  It was the worst year of my life in terms of stress and emotions, but absolutely worth it to leave with a grade I was hoping for.  I have zero idea what I actually want to do in life though, so who knows where you could find me in years to come.

And there you have it, a little bit about me.